Safety and sales UTFKeeping customers happy and building new relationships is at the heart of what has made United Tool and Fastener a thriving company for more than 30 years.

“Our goal (at United Tool and Fastener) is to deliver great service and quality products to customers,” said United Tool and Fastener’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Calhoun.

Therefore, UTF owners, Bobby Williams and Steve Blackwell, developed and nurtured exclusive relationships with customers as well as with vendors. This dedicated partnership with customers and vendors has resulted in loyalty that has persisted for three decades.

“We’re not switching brands all the time, but customers know we’re always going to bring them quality products. They don’t have to worry about stuff changing on them all the time. They know we’re not out there to sell the cheapest products; we’re out there to sell quality,” Williams said.

Service, customer care and quality products, ultimately, are what drive the brand and business.

“Service and taking care of our customers is most important to us,” Blackwell said. “Home Depot doesn't do that; Lowe’s doesn't do that. If people buy DeWalt products from those guys and want service on them, they won’t get it. It’s all about service and being a partner to your customer to get the job done. We just apply that to our vendors too.”

The results of more than 30 years of training and service to the construction industry is a team that is knowledgeable, reliable and customer-oriented: thus making UTF a unique company with many loyal customers.

“We have incredible relationships with the manufacturers we deal with, which helps us help our customers,” Calhoun explained.


Training, Product Knowledge Equal Customer Satisfaction

To enable the continuation of great customer care, United Tool and Fastener is serious about its employees having training and knowledge about the products it sells; the consistency equals a consistent and happy customer base.

“Customers come to us because they know our industry expertise comes from experience, training and mentoring,” Calhoun reiterated.

Many of United Tool and Fastener’s sales force have more than thirty years of industry experience.

“All of our sales people undergo training from the manufacturers we represent, and are active members of the Evergreen Marketing group, an organization that focuses on training and educating its members and offers a certification program based on a strict criteria of classwork and hands-on training,” Calhoun said.

Customer satisfaction in addition to training are keys to continuing decades of success.

San Antonio sales team member, Brian Yezierski, has been with United Tool and Fastener since 2003. He is trained in sales, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, First Aid and CPR.

“Part of our uniqueness is due to our size, which means I can solve a customer’s problem NOW and work out the details later. I can reach out and directly call our company’s president, vice president or treasurer on their cell phones,” Yezierski said.

Success for UTF means going the extra mile in terms of customer care, employee training and vendor relationships.

“As a company, we don’t limit ourselves (in terms of inventory); if a customer tells us they buy (for example) 300lbs of peanut brittle every month and we can get a competitive price on it, then we’ll typically go ahead and stock some peanut brittle for the customer.”

For more information about products and brands that United Tool and Fastener carries, please contact our main showroom (in Houston) at 713-692-2323 or visit us at 6320 North Shepherd; 210-495-8665 or visit 11832 Jones-Maltsberger Rd. in San Antonio; or 979-731-8665 or visit 12600 Hwy 30 - Ste 300 in College Station.