Fluke T6

United Tool and Fastener carries the innovative Fluke T6 Electrical Testers with FieldSense technology that measure voltage up to 1,000 V ac through the open fork, without test lead contact to live voltage. Working in electrical boxes jammed full of wires is challenging when trying to find a safe metallic contact point.

Those who use electrical testers to capture measurements such as voltage and current know that the process is traditionally time-consuming and carries potential risk. Fluke T6 Electrical Testers provide a faster and safer method for taking electrical readings on distribution panels and junction boxes, among other applications.

The Fluke T6-600 or T6-1000 with integrated FieldSense technology enables workers to quickly and easily obtain measurements by just sliding the open fork over a conductor to see the voltage level with needing test leads.

Open fork testers detect a magnetic field to show the ac current, but FieldSense technology detects an electrical field. The field interacts with a reference signal created by the T6 tester, thus creating a voltage value on the tester’s display. Voltage and current measurements can be made on one device at the same time, in real time. The Fluke T6 Electrical Tester with FieldSense technology is the first handheld test tool using this patent-pending technology.

Who needs a T6 tester?

Both commercial and light industrial electricians can use T6 Electrical Testers for most everyday measurements. These devices easily fit in a pocket, making them easily accessible for electricians of all industries.

FieldSense technology is a safer way to accurately measure voltage. Contacting electrical conductors with test leads or alligator clips requires metal-to-metal contact, which carries the potential for arc flash. FieldSense eliminates that step, because the measurement tool and the voltage source being tested are isolated, and thus, the person performing the test is safer from potential electrical shock.

The test is performed via galvanic isolation or separation, the principal that isolates functions of an electrical current to prevent current flow. FieldSense measures voltage without voltage flowing through the meter. Instead, the Fluke instrument senses an electrical field in the open fork to make the measurement, a safer method of measuring voltage. Furthermore, the potential for life-threatening errors is decreased because of the much lower likelihood of making contact with the wrong conductor since measurements are made through the cable’s insulation.


Staying Safe

Notwithstanding the T6 Electrical Testers’ improvements to safely taking electrical measurements, workers should still wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Electricians must still wear arc-rated clothing and protective equipment including gloves, safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection and leather footwear. In lower voltage areas, measurements can be taken wearing minimal PPE, including gloves and protective eyewear. However, measuring without test leads does not mean you can skip wearing the required PPE.

Why Use a T6?

Safety: Users can measure voltage to 1,000 V ac through the open fork, without test leads

Fast: No need to open covers or remove wire nuts

Efficient: Simultaneously measure voltage and current

Be everywhere: The 17.8 mm open fork is the widest in the industry, measuring up to 200 A on 4/0 wires (120 mm).

Go beyond: Further than simple detection by measuring ac voltage and current values without test leads.

Who Will Use Testers with FieldSense?


  Electrical contractors

  HVAC technicians

  Field service engineers

  Maintenance technicians

Product Highlights

  FieldSense technology for ac voltage, current and frequency measurement without making electrical contact to live voltage

  Simultaneous voltage and current display shows all power supply measurements for efficient trouble shooting/ extremely versatile

  1 to 1,000 V ac or dc (T6-1,000)

  0 to 200 A ac

•  True-rms voltage and current

  Resistence 1 to 100

  Works with wires up to AWG 4/0 (120 mm2) with a 17.8 mm jaw opening

  Standard two-year warranty, extendable to 4 years

  Display backlight

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