Milwaukee InflatorIn late April 2018, United Tool and Fastener will begin stocking the new Milwaukee® M12™ Compact Inflator.

The M12™ Compact Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to go anywhere. The inflator is able to complete demanding applications such as car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires.

The M12™ Compact Inflator is rated to deliver more than 120 PSI, giving users both power and efficiency, and the high-efficiency motor and pump top-off car tires in less than one minute.

The TrueFill™ Auto shut-off technology delivers highly accurate pressure, protects from overfill, and automatically senses speed of fill to deliver precise shut-off at the desired PSI.

The unit also includes a large back-lit LCD, anti-vibration feet, and a 26-in. hose with an all-brass Schrader chuck.

M12™ Compact Inflator Facts:

   Fastest Cordless Tire Inflator

  Up To 5X Speed Of Fill on Car and Light Truck Tires Compared To Corded and Cordless Units

  First Cordless Inflator That Can Fill A Light Truck Tire From “0 To Full” On a Single Battery

  Runtime To Fill 4 Tires On 1 XC4.0 Battery Pack

  RedLink Intelligence™ With TrueFill™ Auto Shutoff Technology

  Delivers Highly Accurate Pressure; Automatic Shutoff at Desired Pressure

  Advanced Electronics To Protect From Over-Temp and Over-Fill

  Durable, Portable Design Connects Easily and Reliably to Tires With an All-Brass Chuck

•  Anti-Vibration Stand For No Movement While Filling

  Reinforced Cage For Drops and Impact Protection

•  Easily Store 26” Hose and Attachments: Includes Ball Inflation Needle, Inflatable Nozzle and Presta Chuck.

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