Dust Trap pictureMilwaukee launched its SDS-Plus DUST TRAP™ Drilling Shroud, which, according to Milwaukee,  is the industry’s first universal, OSHA® compliance solution that does not require a vacuum.

The DUST TRAP™ is an objective data compliance solution when used without a vacuum, and is Table 1 compliant when used with a dust extractor. Its universal design allows the DUST TRAP™ to fit on all SDS-Plus rotary hammers regardless of brand or style and works with all SDS-Plus drill bits up to 8” in length, including stop bits and other anchor installation solutions.

The clear sleeve allows the user to see the hole while drilling and the compact, collapsible design enables access in tight spaces.

The DUST TRAP™ features a locking mechanism for easy storage and bit changes, and a removable sleeve for easy replacement (48-03-3235).  There is a vacuum port plug for use without a vacuum, a vacuum port for dust extractors, and a strap for universal fit on all SDS-Plus rotary hammers.

The DUST TRAP™ is an ideal solution for any contractor who drills into concrete and masonry, performs overhead drilling, or works in tight spaces; it has a universal fit and is compatible with most anchor installation accessories.

To be Table 1 OSHA compliant, a dust extractor must comprise a filter-cleaning mechanism with a filter that has a 99% efficiency rate. The product must have a commercially- available dust attachment. When surface grinding and cutting with angle grinders, the suction rate must comprise at least 25 CFM per 1 inch of wheel diameter, and a HEPA filter is required when cleaning drilled holes.

To buy the new Milwaukee  SDS-Plus DUST TRAP™ Drilling Shroud, visit any UTF showroom.


Q: Where can I find the Objective Data Sheet for the DUST TRAP™?

A: The most up to date objective data sheet can be found on MilwaukeeTool.com.

Q: How long will the DUST TRAP™ last?

A: The DUST TRAP™ sleeve lasts 500+ holes in typical overhead applications and can be replaced (48-03-3235).

Q: Will the DUST TRAP™ work with Stop Bits?

A: Yes, it will work with both our and competitive Stop Bits and Anchor Install Solutions.

Q: Can the DUST TRAP™ be used on uneven surfaces?

A: Yes, but only when attached to a dust extractor will this application be an OSHA® compliance solution.

Q: How do I dump the dust out to comply with the Objective Data testing?

A: The dust can be dumped into a bucket or trash can after every hole.

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