PLS 3 laserUnited Tool and Fastener carries the latest Pacific Laser Systems’ (PLS) lasers, making layout tests and markings easier and more accurate.

PLS carries an entire series of lasers for those in the construction industry to make their work a little easier.

The PLS laser series is within the group of point lasers which comprises the PLS Green 3, the PLS 180 Red, the PLS 180 Green, and the PLS 3 Red.

The PLS 3 G is a three-point laser comprising a super-bright green beam laser that is self-leveling, providing greater indoor visibility.  It has a working range of up to 100 feet, and is highly accurate for both alignment and leveling tasks.

There are many benefits of using a green laser over using a red laser.

To the human eye, a green laser will appear four times as bright as a red laser at the same power output based on the human eyes’ light sensitivity.

Our ability to see visible light peaks at approximately 555 nanometers (nm); PLS green laser levels emit green light at a frequency of approximately 530m, near the 550nm peak. PLS red laser levels, in contrast, emit red light at approximately 635nm.


The new and improved PLS 3 is the most rugged laser in the series. It was designed and tested to survive a one-meter drop, and workers can perform layout tasks quickly, simply, and accurately in any type of environment.

Three-Beam Laser Pointer

The PLS 3 G features two plumb and one horizontal laser point that enable points to be easily transferred from the floor to ceiling when establishing level and grade. The unique shape of the dot laser level ensures a clear view of the plumb down point over tracks and plates.

Overview of PLS 3 Red and Green lasers

  Rugged case withstands roughness at the job site

  Includes magnetic wall bracket for stable mounting and quick layout

  Includes floor stand for fast and easy overhang and centerline measurements

  Self-leveling 3-point laser levels enables for accurate layout

  Accurate to 6mm at 30 meters (1/4 in at 100 feet)

  Green laser is up to 3 times brighter (PLS 3G only)

To buy or learn more about the PLS lasers United Tool and Fastener sells, please contact the Houston showroom at 713-692-2323; the San Antonio showroom at 210-495-8665; or the College Station showroom at 979-731-8665.