Unistrut fittingUnited Tool and Fastener (UTF) carries the Unistrut brand because a quality, yet simple product yields customer satisfaction, which is key to UTF ideology.

Unistrut®, through UTF, offers a comprehensive line of channels and fittings in addition to a complete line of hangers, pipe clamps, concrete inserts, and accessories in a variety of finishes and materials. Standard lengths on the channel items are 10- or 20-ft lengths.

What makes Unistrut unique?

Unistrut is unique in that a wrench is the only tool necessary to use Unistrut products. It is a line of quality products that are simple to use.

No Welding 
For example, Unistrut connections provide the strength of welding but are easily taken apart.  The Unistrut nut is designed so that normal pressure during installation causes the nut to securely bite into and lock itself to the channel. The nut serves as a worker's third hand.

No Drilling 
Furthermore, Unistrut comprises channel options with continuous slots to eliminate drilling. At points where the attachment of another framing member is desired, the Unistrut nut is inserted, slid to the desired position, and tightly bolted to the fitting.

100% Reusable 
Ultimately, the Unistrut system is flexible, adaptable and versatile. Product parts can be dismantled and used repeatedly for infinite configurations.

100% Adjustable 
If plans change or requirements call for alteration or rebuilding, simply loosen the Unistrut bolt and relocate the channel nut in any desired position. The channel nut may be positioned any place along the “slot” of the channel.


UTF can supply “certificates of conformance” on all Unistrut products, explained UTF’s Unistrut expert, Laurie Chin.

“Inside all of the channels, Unistrut stamps (into the steel) the Unistrut part number along with a heat number. The heat number allows us to obtain mill certs that give customers the exact mill and coil number the channel was run from. This is very important in many applications.”

UTF is a proud distributor of Unistrut’s simple-to-use products. To learn more about Unistrut products, contact Laurie Chin at laurie@utandf.com.