Howie Wright AGC Military ShootoutUnited Tool and Fastener (UTF) partnered with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) for the very first annual Military May Shootout on May 30, 2018.

UTF was a major sponsor of the event and specifically of the gun raffle.

The first-of-its-kind event encompassed a friendly indoor shooting competition that supports active military and veterans in the construction industry.

Those who attended said the event was a success and a great networking experience.

“The shootout was a blast, and a great networking event,” retired U.S. Navy veteran, Charlie Gertson, Safety Specialist at UTF, said.


Other participants even went to social media to let the world know how the AGC and the Military May Shootout was helping veterans.

Retired U.S. Navy veteran, Rick Hernandez, of Gamma Construction, said on Facebook that “I got an opportunity to attend the AGC Houston Military May Shooting Competition event in support of veterans in construction. It was a really great event to mingle with other vets in the construction industry along with newcomers and vets actively seeking opportunities.”

Rick Hernandez

Hernandez was the 1st place winner of the pistol competition, winning a three-day, two-night stay in Vegas.

 “I was lucky to walk away as the First Place Winner of the 1st Annual Military May Competition! There were lots of great participants, supporters, and sponsors! Thank you all for supporting veterans!” Hernandez continued on Facebook.

Retired U.S. Marine Corp. Gunnery Sergeant, Howie Wright, outside sales at UTF and one of the chief organizers of the event, explained why he thought this first event was such a success.

“First, it showcased the veterans in the commercial construction industry and brought new opportunities to veterans seeking to join the commercial construction industry. Second, the companies that participated in the event were very receptive to hiring veterans because they see and know the potential impact these individuals have within their companies,” Wright said.

Wright went on to describe how and why veterans are a perfect fit for the construction industry.

“Veterans are a force multiplier for many reasons. The veteran has years of discipline, a good work ethic, and they are dependable, learn quickly, and adapt to their work environment. Veterans come with a lot of skills and are highly motivated to be a part of an industry that shows results similar to what they accomplished while on active duty.”

The event turned out 110 shooters, of which 40 of those were military veterans, and it was the largest private event held at the Boyert Shooting Center.

Sponsors of the event included United Tool and Fastener and Procore of the gun raffle; Mustang Cat and Way Engineering as the registration sponsors; and Dee Brown, Inc., and Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing as the dinner sponsors.

Four veterans’ groups were present at the event: NextOp, Camp Hope, VFW, and Banded Brigade.

“This was the first networking event in Houston specifically for veterans in construction, and it was a great accomplishment. We at AGC were proud to host the event and are excited about future plans with our group of veterans,” said Senior Director of Operations and Events, Tamara Hancock.