UTF One Day SaleRain in the forecast for Wednesday, Nov. 1 couldn’t dampen the UTF spirit for its Houston One-Day Sale, where buyers could get some of the best deals of 2017.

“The One-Day Sale was a huge success. Through all of our efforts, we have turned this into an event that our customers have really come to enjoy. And, the chance of rain ended up being a blessing,” UTF President, Bobby Williams, said.

Because of the last-minute forecasts for rain, Williams decided a giant tent was necessary to ensure the event’s materialization and success.

“From now on, we will definitely have a tent covering the event because both customers and participating vendor partners raved about how they liked the tent.”

Williams said the customers have come to really look forward and anticipate our One-Day Sales. The savings at the sale makes it possible for them to stock up on items they are going to buy anyway.

Various reps from DeWalt, Werner, Reed, Protective Industrial Products, 3M, JPW Industries, and Metal Tech Industrial Solutions were on hand to help answer customer questions and facilitate sales. Product demonstrations further advanced sales and knowledge about products or brands.

“Customers and vendors said it was a great sale with good deals and great food,” UTF Safety Sales representative, Amy Sexton, said. “The tent was an awesome addition whether there was rain or sun (last year was miserable in the sun).”

Williams expects this year’s One-Day Sale to surpass that of 2016.

“United Tool would like to give a big ‘Thank You’ to all of the participating vendor partners that are involved in making UTF’s One Day Sale the event it is. It gets bigger every year and we could not do it without them.”