UTF Proud Distributor of National Marker Company ProductsUnited Tool and Fastener is now offering the vast array of signage products by National Marker Company (NMC), a business that opened in 1934 and delivers messages that help to protect everyone, including pandemic signs, posters and labels.

“We are excited to now offer our customers the signage and safety products of National Marker Company, which will help everyone stay safe,” UTF President, Bobby Williams, said.

“These products will enable vital safety information to be relayed to those that need it.”

According to the National Marker Company website, “NMC serves to give voice to vital information that safeguards the people of this nation”.

NMC offers an array of lockout and tagout products, safety, traffic and pandemic signs in addition to safety and anti-slip tapes and pipe markers.

Most every industry can benefit from the product offerings of NMC. It offers both the signage and the products to help keep workers safe.

Pandemic Signs

NMC offers a wide variety of handwashing signage, including posters that properly outline ideal handwashing, and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Safety Tips.

Additional products include:

  • Testing station directional signs
  • Handwashing signs and posters
  • COVID-19 awareness posters
  • Biohazard Labels
  • Crowd control solutions including plastic chains, posts & cones
  • Social distancing temporary floor signs and labels

Lockout/ Tagout

NMC’s lockout/ tagout products protect employees by prohibiting unauthorized personnel from operating machinery and notifies employees of inoperative equipment that requires repairs. According to the NMC website, correct lockout/tagout procedures prevent an estimated 50,000 injuries and saves 120 lives each year. NMC offers a variety of lockout tagout kits, tags, locks, hasps and signs.

To learn more about or buy the various products and signs of National Marker Company, please contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665.