Military ShootoutOn May 30, United Tool and Fastener (UTF) will team up with Associated General Contractors (AGC) to host the 1st annual Military May Shootout from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at the Boyert Shooting Center, 1200 S. Mason Rd in Katy, Texas.

Join UTF and AGC for a friendly indoor shooting competition supporting active military and veterans in the construction industry.

“The event provides a unique networking forum for military veterans working in the construction industry, and also benefits unemployed vets by connecting them to commercial construction contractors who are currently recruiting,” said AGC Senior Director of Operations and Events, Tamara Hancock.

The competition comprises an individual competition and a group competition. The individual competition utilizes pistols only, with shooting distances from 7, 15, and 25 yards. There will also be a simulator room for a separate competition. Recreational shooting will be open throughout the evening and will include move-and-shoot drills with an additional simulator room set up for recreational shooting.

The event supports active and military veterans in construction, but participants are also encouraged to register for the ‘adopt-a-vet’ program before checking out. The ‘adopt-a-vet’ program ensures that military personnel and vets who want to participate in the program are able.

The idea for the new AGC event came out of an annual safety award luncheon where former U.S. Army Ranger, Chris Paronto (from the movie, 13 Hours and author of the book, The Ranger Way) was the keynote speaker, and where it was found there were a large number of AGC members who were active military and vets.

“This event is extremely important because the companies in the construction industry are eager to hire hard-working veterans,” Wright explained.

Therefore, a subcommittee of the Safety Committee was formed to support vets in the construction industry.

Retired U.S. Marine Corp. Gunnery Sergeants Howie Wright of United Tool and Fastener and Cedric Foster of Joslin Construction were asked to establish the new committee.

According to Wright, “The event enables us to reach out to other veterans through NextOp ( to help them find employment with the commercial construction industry.”

Hancock explained that the subcommittee also wanted to create a fun, networking opportunity for vets in construction, and thus, the Military May Shootout event was formed.

As of May 21, there are 88 participants, with 31 being veterans. United Tool and Fastener and Procore are the gun raffle sponsors; Mustang Cat and Way Engineering are the registration sponsors; and Dee Brown, Inc, and Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing are the dinner sponsor. Four veterans groups will be present at the event: NextOp, Camp Hope, VFW, and Banded Brigade.

“AGC is proud to support the military vets who have migrated into the commercial construction industry. This event is the first of many that will support their careers through networking,” Hancock said.

“We ultimately hope that the connections the vets make will have a positive lasting effect on their careers.”