Women In Construction WeekMarch 3-9, 2019 marks “Women in Construction Week” by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

United Tool and Fastener (UTF) is proud of its long-standing tradition of employing a significant number of women in its Houston office. Out of 40 employees in Houston, there are 11 women, making up more than 25% of the workforce, with many of those holding high-level positions.

The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry. Presently, the NAWIC says “the construction industry has less than 9% of women working in the industry, and in the actual trades, it is only 3%.”

“Obviously, we are proud to have such a large percentage of women working at UTF,” Vice President, Steve Blackwell, said. “It sets us apart to have so many women, not only working for UTF, but in positions such as CFO and Accounting Manager.”

“The women at UTF are a very valuable and important part of our team.”

In the UTF Houston office, the women employees include:

  Melissa Swanson, Chief Financial Officer

  Michelle Neundorfer, Director of Social Media and Marketing

  Angela Masso, Director of Human Resources

  Linda Chambers, Accounting Manager

  JoAnn Carpio, Accounting Clerk 

  Sonia Becerra, Accounting Clerk

  Laurie Chin, Outside Sales Rep

  Shannon Crowe, Purchasing Agent

  Norma Mendoza, Inventory Clerk

  Lisa Morales, Inside Sales Rep

  Amy Sexton, Safety Specialist